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Rudolfs UDRIS

Rudolfs UDRIS
Born: February 17, 1899 in Latvia
Died: May 30, 1949 in Russia

Interests in inventing:

  • Phenol technology

Main invention:

In literature, the discovery of the catalytic cracking reaction of cumene hydroperoxide is usually attributed to the outstanding German chemist H.Hock who published his findings in 1944. It is also considered that the industrial technology of this reaction was developed by such companies as Distillers Co. Ltd. and Hercules Powder Co., and that is was first put to production in Montreal (Canada) in 1953.
Only in 1957, the scientific publications of the USSR came up with data suggesting that liquid phase oxidation reaction of cumene by atmospheric oxygen to obtain cumene hydroperoxide and its further decomposition into phenol and acetone was discovered independently of H.Hok already in 1942 in the USSR, and that it was done by the Latvian chemist R.Udris in a laboratory headed by Professor P.Sergeyev. Over the next 5 years, technology for industrial production was developed, and already in 1949, i.e. five years before start of production in Canada, industrial production of phenol and acetone was launched in Dzherzhinsk, Russia.

Selection of patent documents:

  • R.J.Udris, P.G.Sergeyev, B.D.Kruzhalov. Author’s certificate of USSR No. 106666, 7/I, 1947.
  • R.J.Udris, B.D.Kruzhalov, P.G.Sergeyev. Author’s certificate of USSR No. 106712, 7/I, 1947.
  • P.G.Sergeyev, R.J.Udris, B.D.Kruzhalov. Author’s certificate of USSR No. 106907, 28/I, 1947.
  • R.J.Udris, P.G.Sergeyev, B.D.Kruzhalov,  M.S. Nyemtsov. Author’s certificate of USSR No. 106906, 7/I, 2947.
  • P.G.Sergeyev, R.J.Udris, B.D.Kruzhalov, M.S.Nyemtsov. Author’s certificate of USSR No. 106992, 7/I, 1947

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