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Chairman of the board, “Katri” Ltd. and “Jūras Katri” (Catri Marine Ltd.)
Maskavas iela 291/5 – 26
Riga, LV 1063
Phone:     + 371 8309377 
Phone/Fax: + 371 7258427
Born: 8 February 1936, Riga, Latvia

Interests in inventing:

  • Research, design and construction of multihull sailboats

Main invention:

  • Trimaran with hydrofoils 
                              Patent of Latvia 19.08.1996. LV 11603 B; European patent No. EP 0 855 984 B1; USA   patent US006024041A; Canadian patent CA 2235340.
The essence of the invention:
Invention is tailored for use in the most high-speed - trymaran-type sailboats. It is the first hydrofoil system with industrial application, which is suited to the whole scope of the most marketable commercially produced sailboats. Unlike the current hydrofoil systems this invention provides a complex improvement of all the major sailboat qualities – speed, stability, security and comfort in a rippled sea.
(See on the history of the implementation of the invention)

Selection of patent documents:

In total: 9 authors' certificates of the USSR, 30 patents of other countries and 1 patent of Latvia
Authors’ certificates of the USSR and foreign patents:
  •  A.Eglajs, V.Eglajs. Sail Releasing Arrangement of a Sailing Vessel, authors’ certificate of the USSR No. 623781, 1978.   
  • A.Eglajs, V.Eglajs. Steering Arrangement of a Sailing Vessel, authors’ certificate of the USSR No.1137016, 1981.
  •  A.Eglajs. Steering Arrangement of a Sailing Vessel, authors’ certificate of the USSR No.1240684, 1983  
                 Patented in: Great Britain(GB2152460); France (FR2544277, FR2553373); Sweden (SE8406266, SE451991, SE8501023,   SE444926); Italy (IT1196077, IT1169603); Finland (FI79992, FI844762, FI850974); Denmark (DK571184, DK131085); Canada (CA1214360); Norway (NO844936, NO844951); WO8404080
  • A.Eglajs, V.Eglajs. Proa Type Multihull authors’ certificate of the USSR No.1004197, 981. 
  • A.Eglajs, V.Eglajs. Steering Arrangement of a Hydrofoil, authors’ certificate of the USSR No.1043960, 1982.  
  • A.Eglajs. Crossbeam of a Sail Catamaran, authors’ certificate of the USSR No.1347331, 1983. 
  • A.Eglajs. Sheet Releasing Arrangement, authors’ certificate of the USSR No.1270995, 1983. 
  • A.Eglajs. Arrangement for Controlling the Spinnaker of a Sail Catamaran, authors’ certificate of the USSR No.1232568, 1983.   
                Patented in: USA (US4598658);Great Britain (GB2146964); France (FR2544276); Sweden (SE8406267, SE455296); Italy (IT1196061); Finland (FI76530, 844761); Denmark (DK578784);
PATENTs of latvia:
  • A.Eglājs. Hydrofoil Assisted Trimaran, LV 11603 B, 1996
             Patented:  European patent EP 0 855 984 B1; USA patent No. US6024041A, 2000; WO9807615; Canadian patent CA2235340.

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