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Dr. phys.
Born: November 9, 1936 in Dviete parish, Ilukste district, Latvia
Died: May 26, 2013 in Riga

Interests in inventing:

  • Optical – mechanic precise apparatus

Main invention:

  • Construction of the devises for photographic observation and laser ranging of the satellites
In the period from 1962 till 1980 K.Lapushka together with the inventor M.Abele constructed a universal multi-mode satellite photographic camera AFU-75 that became the main instrument of the satellite observation coordinated by the Council of Astronomy of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Approximately 100 cameras were produced and placed in more than 30 countries of the world.
K.Lapushka has arranged the observation places, training of the staff and observation in approximately 20 countries (Japan, India, Egypt, Somalia, Bolivia, French Guayana, French Far East and Antarctic territories, Kergelen Island and New Amsterdam Island and other countries).
K.Lapuska has participated in the creation, examination and installation of laser ranging devices LD-1 Intercosmos, LD-2, laser telescope LS-100 and other in many countries of the world. 
The photographic cameras and laser rangers of the Earth artificial satellites are used to determine precise co-ordinates and distances of the satellites, later to be used for determination of cinematic and dynamic parameters, continental dreif, exact time, geocentric co-ordinates of the observatories and global geocentric co-ordinates.

About the inventions

Neither me nor my colleagues have ever invented for the sake of invention itself. It has always been connected with the solution of the given scientific and engineering problems, to achieve the most effective and safe solution of the main problem. And afterwards we judged and decided whether the solutions found are or are not inventions.

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