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Born: March 23, 1924 in “Stinkuli”, Katlakalna parish, Latvia
Died: February 14, 2010, in Jelgava, Latvia

Interests in inventing:

  • To comprehend immunity and its forms of expression in cancer diseases
  • To acquire innocuous natural viral-type preparation with oncotropic, oncolytic and
    immune-modeling characteristics
  • To comprehend the functioning mechanism of immune preparations in complex
    therapy of oncological diseases

Main invention:

  • Immunostimulator having antineoplastic action and method for producting said immunostimulator. Patent Nr. 12861 of the Republic of Latvia. Published on 20.10.2002 ; WO03105875, 2003
With the help of 60 selection and adaptation methods a type of a live intestinal virus ECHO – 7 
was obtained from intestinal tract of a child in Riga, called Rigvir (Riga virus). It has proved curative characteristics in oncology connected with oncotropic and oncolytic features causing changes in the surface, cytoplasm and nucleus of the cancer cell. They develop mobilisation of immune cells in the cancer breeder and activation of lymph nodes. The mechanism of apoptosis (natural cell death) causes distruction of cancer cells.
Implementation: Association “Latima” for the development of cancer immune therapy. Registered 24.05.2005

About the inventions

To cure cancer with the help of a virus – this fantastic idea appeared in the beginning of the last century. I managed to find a non-perilous virus of the intestine group for a human. Opposite to chemotherapy and beam therapy this preparation does not cause heavy aftereffects on the patients organs. The evidecne is the patients long life after the application of Rigvir. In the beginning of 1990-ies the world started to talk in tune with my discoveries of the 60-ies and 70-ies, described in the monography “Viral oncotropism and problems of cancer virotherapy” (in Russian, Publishing House “Zinātne”, 1972, p. 443). Reading the conclusions of the American, Australian, German, Japanese scientists, I as if followed the pages of my book as the scientists of the mentioned countries confirmed all my results and conclusions.

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