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Magnetohydrodynamic technologies MAHYD and EMAGO

Magnetic hydrodynamics (MHD) is a branch of science exploring the interaction of the magnetic field with electroconductive solutions, gases and plasma. Many phenomena being the study of MHD can be observed both in nature and in the modern technique.

The physical-technical bases of the MHD pump theory and design calculations as well as the theory of electromagnetic orientation and acquisition of parts have been developed in the Institute of Physics and its Special Design Office of MHD. Theses and other works have given many practical results and have created a possibility to modify and modernize several technological processes.

The Latvian technical scientific school of MHD is a telling example of the fact how new technologies and machines are created owing to outstanding theoretical works. The complex of MHD technology inventions contains several hundreds of solutions that have altogether received more than 500 patents. Many of those solutions have been used in the industry of the former USSR and licences for its implementation were sold to several Western companies. Strong services of the Institute of Physics and the Special Design Office of MHD ensuring the maintenance and acquisition of patents were of great importance, too.

For more information about the practical implementation of the MHD technologies search in the descriptions about the Latvian inventors:

Main authors

Theoretical groundwork:

    Juris Birzvalks (1926-1995)
    Olgerts Lielausis
    Janis Lielpeters
    Talivaldis Kalnins
    Igors Kirko
    Gunars Sermons
    Ivans Tjutins (1913-1957)