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Pharmaceuticals produced in Latvia

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There is a long history of chemistry and pharmacy in Latvia. As a result of their development we can name several internationally recognized companies («Grindeks», «Olainfarm» etc.) basing their medicine production on methods of preparation synthesis developed at the Institute of Organic Synthesis. During the soviet period every fourth new preparation was created in Latvia and manufactured for the whole market of USSR.

Original and partly original medical preparations produced in the pharmaceutical plants of Latvia (methods of their synthesis have been developed in Latvia):


1. Cefaleksin antibacterial preparation
2. L-Asparaginase anticancer, antileucose preparation
3. Citarabine anticancer, antileucose preparation
4. Ftorafur anticancer, antileucose preparation
5. Leakadine anticancer, antileucose preparation
6. Tioguanine anticancer, antileucose preparation
7. Angiotensinamide cardiovascular preparation
8. Phenigidin cardiovascular preparation
9. Foridon cardiovascular preparation
10. Mildronate cardiovascular preparation
11. Bisacodil gastroenterologic preparation
12. Bromohexin expectoration preparation
13. Desaminooxytocine uterotropic preparation
14. Oxytocine uterotropic preparation
15. Benperidol uterotropic preparation
16. Droperidol uterotropic preparation


1. Isoniazide antibacterial preparation
2. Nitrofurazone (Furaciline) antibacterial preparation
3. Furagin antibacterial preparation
4. Solafur antibacterial preparation
5. Furazolidone antibacterial preparation
6. Midantan (amantadine) CNS agent
7. Nikethamide CNS agent
8. Remantadin antiviral preparation
9. Cyclophosphan anticancer preparation
10. Imifos anticancer preparation
11. Thiotepa anticancer preparation
12. Furadonine antibacterial preparation
13. Nipagin antifungicide preparation
14. Fenibut nootropic drug
15. Unitol preparation for the treatment of heavy metal poisoning

In the plant «FARMSINTEZE»:

1. Fentanil analgetic drug
2. Diludine carotene stabilizer
3. Cyazide veterinary antihelmintic



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